Divorcing Together Parenting Plan

Doing the best thing for your children always matters.  The Divorcing Together Parenting Plan will help you make the best co-parenting plan for your children; while saving you time and money on your Divorce.  

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Learn How to Parent Together

Studies show that children need both parents in their lives.  And remember you will be connected for the rest of your lives.  Set yours and your children's future up for success

Learn How to Create a Comprehensive MN and WI Parenting Plan

You can do this!  You know what is best for your kids!  Create a comprehensive parenting plan tailored to your families needs.

Gain Peace of Mind Knowing you Have a Strong Parenting Plan in Place

A well thought out parenting plan will save you time and money.  I LOVE it when people ask my clients, "Why are your kids thriving through your divorce?"

Meet Lesa, a Mediator and Attorney

Hello Friend, let my expertise steer you through the co-parenting process.  Mediation is my calling.  It is all I do and I Love it!   I delight in  working with people and helping them navigate agreements and compromises.  My education in Communication and law give me a leg up.  Studying peoples wants, needs and desires has been my life's work.  I am filled with gratitude to be working in my passion.  I look forward to helping you begin a healing journey!

Why not get started now!

Let's face it you have a lot going on right now.  Let the Divorcing Together Parenting Plan direct you through all the areas you need to address.  It is self paced enabling you to fit it into your busy schedule.

Do The Best for your Children Now

Continue to be the best parent you can be. Your children will thrive when both parents work together and follow a plan. It is often the beginning of the parent's healing journey. I would love to guide you through it!


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